Thursday, February 16, 2012

Instant Momentum

Momentum is an incredible thing. And even more incredible when you didn't realize it was coming. Just Monday, I completed my last day at my full time job, and let me tell you, the momentum it has provided over the last three days is phenomenal. It's as if the Universe said, "Alright, you asked for it, you got it." Everything I've said over the past three years about my dreams for this blog, this business, my writing - it's all coming together with frightening synchronicity. People I shouldn't be running into, I am, and they're giving me amazing insight. Individuals I've meant to contact are calling me and saying, "How can I help?"

Leaving one situation, and moving into another, has provided momentum in this journey I am so thankful for and graciously holding on to. I just want to be sure it keeps going. I know I'll encounter obstacles and naysayers along the way, but it has been fantastic that in these first few days, I haven't. All I've felt is love, support, and excitement for my choices, and readiness for the opportunities I'm going to create - not just for me, but for all women and girls.

This weekend, Twitter Husband and I head to Minneapolis for a very short trip. For any friends we don't see, we'll catch you next time. This one is all about family. It's been a long time, sadly, since I've been excited to go to Minneapolis. But now, knowing that I'm taking Career Girl to the next level and will be focusing my efforts in MSP as well, I'm excited to go back and enjoy the weekend. I hope it will be filled with love and joy of family, and of course, I hope my momentum will continue and send me launched even further down this wild and beautiful path I'm creating.


  1. How did your company take you leaving?

    1. Truthfully, the response was mixed. My direct boss and boss' boss were incredibly supportive and happy for me as they know I'm truly pursuing my mission. Some coworkers were supportive, but many just basically shut me out. I think anytime you leave a company, you're going to get the cold shoulder from some and a "good luck" from others. That was definitely the case for me.